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CRVSADES - The Shadow of Ideas
From the album Perhaps You Deliver This Judgement With Greater Fear Than I Receive It (No Idea Records)

This is my second time around cutting a video for CRVSADES, again taking the approach of hacking together old movie clips with evil and/or blasphemous intent. While our first video centered around Aleister Crowley (ie. "the wickedest Man in the world"), this latest video keeps with the theme of the new album, and focuses on the life of philosopher, heretic and antichristian martyr Giordano Bruno.

More info about the album

CRVSADES Official Website


NEW TRAILER - FLY COLT FLY: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit (College Street Pictures)

Fly Colt Fly is a feature length documentary about teenage fugitive Colton Harris-Moore, whose superhuman ability to evade capture by stealing airplanes and living in the wilderness made him the modern day folk hero of a new generation. 

Fusing documentary, graphic-novel style animation, and dramatic recreations, the film contrasts the story of a real kid who fell into burglary to keep from starving with his mass media doppelgänger, The Barefoot Bandit. 

Official Website



Three generations of First Nations women struggle to deal with the demons of their past, in this powerful and affecting drama from actor-turned-director Peter Stebbings (Defendor).

The track is called "Warding Off the Spirits," by Neverending White Lights



A film by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky

I had last worked with Jennifer Baichwal on a DVD special feature for her earlier project with Edward Burtynsky, Manufactured Landscapes. It was a pleasure to work with her again, this time on a trailer for Watermark, her latest collaboration with the world-renowned photographer.

"Following their triumph with 'Manufactured Landscapes', photographer Edward Burtynsky and filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal reunite for a feature documentary exploring the ways in which humanity has shaped,  manipulated and depleted one of its most vital and compromised resources: water." 
– Toronto International Film Festival 2013



The David & Veronica Shirt

Available here in the Fucked Up Store

I met Josh Zucker in the summer of 2011, after randomly discovering he personally fulfills all of the Fucked Up online merch orders. It was a bloody hot summer, I ordered a Fucked Up tank-top, and I didn't feel like waiting for shipping. So after arranging with Josh via email to pick up my order in person, I handed him a copy of KENK and The Next Day, and a few weeks later we were working on the David & Veronica shirt design.

The Queen of Hearts Shirt

Available here in the Fucked Up Store

The following summer, July 2012, Mike Haliechuck had an idea for a shirt design that the band could take with them on their West Coast tour later in August. Right away, we started work on the Queen of Hearts design.

These shirts were reprinted in September 2012.